MELAG Sterilisator 75 Hot Air Sterilizer

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The MELAG Sterilizer 75 has an innovative ventilation system. A fan ensures perfect heat distribution in the interior, avoids overheating and significantly shortens the operating time. Your instruments are ready to use faster.

The operating time of the MELAG Sterilizer 75 for unpackaged sterilization goods is only 60 minutes with normal loading and 75 minutes with packed instruments (in closed aluminum cassettes). In addition to time savings due to the short operating time, the MELAG Sterilizer 75 significantly reduces operating costs compared to a traditional device.


Naturally, the MELAG Sterilizer 75 complies with DIN 58947 standards.

The MELAG Sterilizer 75 is easy to operate. After switching on the device, the entire sterilization process is automatically run through with the power supply switched off at the end.

This is a hot air sterilizer which is not approved for the sterilization of medical or surgical instruments in doctors’ practices, hospitals and other health institutions. The MELAG Sterilizer 75 may only be used for unpackaged instruments in foot care, podiatry and beauty salons.

Dimensions (WxDxH): 310 x 395 x 260 mm

Internal dimensions (WxDxH): 195 x 295 x 74 mm

Volume: 4.3 liters

Weight: 12 kg

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