20 years of LabMakelaar Benelux

20 years LabMakelaar

In 2023 LabMakelaar Benelux will celebrate her 20th anniversary!

To anticipate to this beautiful anniversary, we are closing this year with 20% discounts*. In view of the current enormous price increases, in this way we are making it even more attractive to opt for pre-owned and circular instead of new.

*20% discount only applies to items from our own stock. You can recognize these by the article numbers “LMxxxxx”.
We offer a 15% discount on items beginning with “ICxxxxx”.
Other items are excluded from this promotion.
Discount can also be exchanged for Laboratorium.shop items.
A different category every week. Offer is only valid during the specified period and on the selected category.
Discount is indicated on our quote.

3 till 9 November 2022: Category Fermentation
10 till 16 November 2022: Category Centrifuges
17 till 23 November 2022: Category Freezing and Cooling

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