Millipore Synergy UV Water Purification System

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Synergy UV water purification systems produce ultrapure (Type 1) water from pretreated (Type 2 or Type 3) water for sensitive laboratory applications.

High-quality ultrapure water (2–20 L/day) at flow rates > 1.5 L/min.

Built-in photo-oxidation UV lamp reduces TOC to < 5 ppb. Low TOC water provides important benefits to HPLC users such as higher sensitivity and longer column lifetime.

Finetune ultrapure water quality to match research needs with Application-Pak polishers.

Minimal maintenance with only a single cartridge to change once or twice a year.

Compact design ensures easy installation anywhere in the lab.

Feed water: Pure water

Product water particulates: < 1 unit/mL (particulates >0.22 μm,  with Millipak or Biopak point-of-use filters)

Water quality: Type 1

Product water DNase: < 5 pg/mL (with Biopak Polisher)

Product water microorganisms: < 0.1 CFU/mL (with Millipak or Biopak point-of-use filters)

Product water pyrogens: < 0.001 EU/mL (with Biopak Polisher)

Product water RNase: < 1 pg/mL (with Biopak Polisher)

Product water resistivity (at 25°C): 18.2 MΩ·cm

Product water TOC: < 5 ppb

Product water instant delivery rate: > 1.5 L/min

Dimensions (HxWxD): 540 x 290 x 380 mm

Weight: 10.2 kg

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Weight 10,2 kg

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