TA Instruments DMA 2980 Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer

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Dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) measures the modulus (stiffness) and damping (energy dissipation) properties of materials as the materials are deformed under periodic stress. Such measurements provide quantitative and qualitative information about the performance of the materials. DMA can be used to evaluate a wide variety of material types (elastomers, thermoplastics,
viscous thermosetting liquids, composites, coatings & adhesives, ceramics, metals). It is particularly useful for evaluating polymeric materials, which exhibit time, frequency, and temperature effects on mechanical properties because of their viscoelastic nature.
Specific material properties provided by DMA include modulus, damping, glass transition and softening temperatures, rate and degree of cure, viscosity, onset of gelation, sound absorption and impact resistance, creep, and stress relaxation. DMA results are used primarily in research and development for investigation into the structure of materials, material development and selection for specific end-use situations, competitive product evaluations and material lifetime performance evaluations. The technique is also used in quality control for process simulation and optimization, vendor certification, and troubleshooting.

Viscoelastic Measurement Performance

Modulus Range (dependent on geometry): 10to 3 x 1012 Pascals
Modulus Precision: ±1%
Frequency Range: 0.01 to 200 Hz in 0.01 increments at lower frequencies, 1.0 Hz increments at higher frequencies
Maximum Force: 18 Newtons
Minimum Pretension (for tensile): 0.001 Newtons
Tan δ (delta) Range: 0.0001 to 10
Tan δ Sensitivity: 0.0001
Tan δ Resolution: 0.00001
Dynamic Sample Deformation Range: ±0.5 to 10,000 µm
Strain Resolution: 1 nanometer

Temperature Control Performance
Temperature Range: -150 to 600°C
Heating Rate: 0.1 to 50°C/min in 0.1°C/min increments
Cooling rate: 0.1 to 10°C/min to -100°C
Isothermal Stability: ±0.1°C
Automated Furnace Movement: Yes

Modes of Operation:
Autotension Modes: Constant Force; Percent Dynamic Force
Preview Measurement: Quick single modulus measurement at one
frequency at room temperature
Temperature Ramp/Single Frequency: Linear heating rate applied while measuring the viscoelastic response at a single frequency
Temperature Ramp/Frequency Sweep: Linear heating rate applied while simultaneously scanning through a frequency table preselected with up to 28 frequencies 
Temperature Step & Hold/Frequency Sweep: Temperature stepped and held isothermal for a selectable amount of time followed by a frequency sweep after which the temperature is stepped to the next isothermal for another frequency sweep
Constant Temperature/Strain Sweep: Isothermal temperature and constant frequency while measuring the viscoelastic response to operator-selected amplitudes of oscillation

Output Values Available
Storage Modulus: Strain
Loss Modulus: Amplitude
Tan Delta (δ): Frequency
Complex Viscosity: Temperature
Dynamic Viscosity: Position
Storage Compliance: Static Force
Loss Compliance: Time, Stress

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