TA Instruments AR-G2 Rheometer

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TA-Instruments AR-G2 Rheometer with Environmental test chamber (ETC).

The ETC gives the device a temperature range of up to 600 °C.

This makes the device particularly suitable for testing plastics with high melting temperatures, among other things.

Controlled stress, direct strain and controlled rheometer, torque: 0.000003 to 200 mN.m

Resolution: 0.025 micro rad

Angular velocity: up to 300 rad/s

Normal force 0.01N to 50N

Environmental test chamber (ETC) provides a temperature range of: -150°C to 600°C (with liquid nitrogen) or room temperature to 600°C (without liquid nitrogen)

Includes 60 L dewar for liquid nitrogen


1x spindle parallel plate 8 mm (with bottom plate)

1x spindle parallel plate 25 mm (with bottom plate)

Software available via TA website (Trios 5.0) or on supplied desktop

Note: the spindle has an air bearing and requires 2 bar compressed air 25L/min

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