Anton Paar Physica MCR 301 Rheometer

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Air bearing, high-end rheometer for research and development.

The widest torque range for the most demanding rheological measurements on all samples from liquids to solids.

TruGapTM and DSO are standard for increased accuracy and reproducibility.

Expanded housing and frame for customized extension modules.

Optimized motor and air bearing system to eliminate external influences and ensure the highest accuracy.


Bearing: Air

Min. torque: 0.1 µNm

Min. torque DSO: 0.02 µNm

Max. torque: 200 mNm

Torque resolution: 0.001 µNm

Deflection angle (preset): 0.1 to ∞ µrad

Internal angular resolution: 0.012 µrad

Min. speed (CSS): 10-7 rpm

Min. speed (CSR): 10-6 rpm

Max. speed: 3000 rpm

Min. frequency: 10-5 Hz

Max. frequency: 100 Hz

Normal force range: 0.01 to 50 N

Normal force resolution: 0.002 N

Temperature range: -150°C to 1000°C

Dimensions (WxDxH): 440 x 600 x 620 mm

Weight: 43 kg

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