2 Varian/Agilent 720 ES ICP-OES Systems

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The Varian/Agilent 720 ICP-OES offer the finest performance, speed and reliability. At the heart of these instruments is the next generation VistaChip II, a custom designed, hermetically sealed CCD detector, giving you unrivaled productivity. With a range of performance enhancing options and a powerful software platform, the 720 will meet your most demanding needs — now and in the future. The Agilent 720 ICP-OES feature a custom-designed proprietary CCD detector, delivering the world’s most productive, high-performance ICP-OES platformance, speed next generation CCD detector, performance form, the 720 will in the future.

System 1: 

·        Agilent 720ES Axiale ICP-OES ArtNr 10087302

·        3 kanaals peri pomp en volledige MFC ArtNr 210207600

·        cetac ASX 520 autosampler ArtNr cP913707

·        Dell Optiplex 780MT Dual core 3,2Ghz,2GB DDR3 RAM, 250G8 ArtNr BICPOESMTL I{DD, DVD-RW station, 20″TFT, XPPro

·        Gesloten circuit waterkoeler vanderheyden ArtNr cP9589s0

·        Sturmanmaster kamer ArtNr 110593190

·        Mounting bracket Sturmanmaster ArtNr 410328600

·        Miramist nebu ArtNr CP9I3246

·        Semi demontable toorts axiaal – body ArtNr CP914880

·        Semi demontable toorts axiaal – connector ArtNr CP9’14877

·        Semi demontable toorts axiaal- Al injector 2,4 mm ArtNr Cp9l4ï7g

·        Semi demontable toorts axiaal – Al injector 2,4 mm ArtNr CP914879

System 2:

Varian Axial ICP-OES,720 ES with IMAP CCD

Sample introduction system and gas control with mass flow conhollers

Closed circuit water cooler

PC with accompanying software and the necessary hardware requirements

TFT computer screen 19″ Iir*::ï:li:#ï::printer !F, a,tr-ho son 72c’t- is votva,.2tu

cetac ASX 520 autosampler ArtNr cP913707

Nebulizer chamber, Sturman Master & Holder for Sturman Master Nebulizer chamber

Nebulizer, Miramist

2 x High Solids torch , extended

HF torch , glass body & I HF torch , connector

HF torch alumina injector 2.4 mm

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