Watson marlow 504U with RL1 and RL2 cartridge pump head

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Watson Marlow 504U mk2 IP55 300rpm splashproof enclosure incl. Adapter to 230V
100-120 / 220-240V 50 / 60HZ
RL2 for 2.4 WT tube with lockble guard (supplied loadedrollers inside
RL1 for 1.6 WT tube with lockble guard (supplied loadedrollers inside
flow rates 0.01 to 2200 ml / min remote stop / start
process signal 4 a 20mA, can also be supplied with standard 220v plug.

Comes with 2 twin spring loaded rollers
RL2 has harder springs (red) for use with 2.4m.m.wall thinness tubing and igher pressures up to 2 bar (29psi)
RL1 for use wiht 1.6 m.m.wall thinness tubing
included 3 meters 2.4 m.m silecone hose

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