Cole-Parmer Masterflex L/S Peristaltic Pump

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The Cole Parmer type Masterflex L/S hose pump is ideal for pumping corrosive, abrasive and viscous liquids without damaging the pump. The Cole Parmer Masterflex L/S can also be used in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries.

This hose pump can be used in combination with the L/S 15, L/S 24, L/S 35 and L/S 36 hoses.

Speed: 10 – 600 rpm

Pump head type: 77200-62

Hose range:

L/S 15: 1100ml/min

L/S 24: 1800ml/min

L/S 35: 2600 ml/min

L/S 36: 3400 ml/min

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