Mettler Toledo RE40D Refractometer

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The RE40D refractometers is used to easily determine the refractive index of liquids. The measurements are carried out using the total reflection method. With this method, even dark samples can be measured easily. Thanks to the latest technology – no moving parts, durable LED light source and resistant sapphire prism, the RE refractometers are virtually maintenance-free

Measure liquids with a refractive index in a range from 1.32000 to 1.7000

Require a minimal amount of sample (approx. 0.4 milliliters) for the measurement

Keep the temperature of the samples to be measured between  15.00 and 70.00°C thanks to a built-in Peltier thermostat (no water bath required)

Calculate the refractive index of the samples for any reference temperatures based on user-defined temperature functions

Show the refractive index of the samples directly in Brix degrees

Able to convert the measured values into any units (e.g. Zeiss number) and display them directly in these units

Suitable for concentration determinations. Concentrations are due to custom formulas or concentration tables are automatically calculated from the measured refractive index.

Deliver statistical evaluations (mean value, standard deviation, relative standard deviation) of the results.

Entry of 10 measurement methods. One of these methods is reserved for adjusting the device.

Can be easily checked with the built-in check function. This function allows a regular checking of the measurement accuracy without changing the device settings

Three serial ports for connecting a printer, a barcode reader and a computer and a connection for controlling an automation unit

Including RS-P42 printer

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