Gonotec Osmomat 3000 Freezing Point Osmometer

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The Gonotec single sample freezing point osmometer is especially designed for routine measurements in the medical field and is also very suitable for measurements in research and industry.

The Osmomat 3000 determines the total osmolality of aqueous solutions. The instrument requires very small sample volumes and thus be applied for extreme measuring tasks. Its rapidity allows serial measeruments in a very short time.

Initiation of the process: By means of the tip of a stainless steel needle covered with ice crystals which is controlled automatically

Cooling: By means of two seperate peltier cooling systems with heat dissipation by air

Lower cooling: Electronic temperature regulation, deviation < ±0.1°C

Sample volume: 50 µl / single sample

Test time: About one minute

Resolution: 1 mOsmol/kg

Range: 0 up to 3000 mOsmol/kg


≤ ±2 digit (0 to 400 mOsmol/kg)

≤ ±0.5 % (400 to 1500 mOsmol/kg)

≤ ±1.0 % (1500 to 3000 mOsmol/kg)

Linearity: Less than ±1 % in calibrated range

Dimensions (DxWxH): 220 x 205 x 360 mm

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