Radiometer PHM220 pH Meter

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The PHM220 measures both pH and mV. Useful functions such as saving results according to GLP and an Edit mode for user procedures make this pH meter the ideal choice for research and QA / QC laboratories. pH and mV measurements can be adjusted to individual requirements. pH can be displayed with 1 or 2 decimal places. One-, two- or three-point calibrations can be easily made by automatically recognizing three types of buffers: IUPAC pH standards, Technical buffers or 4-7-10 series. Alternatively, 1, 2 or 3 buffers can be defined. Up to 25 pH and mV measurements and 9 calibration results can be recorded in the GLP table. Each result contains the date and time. A temperature sensor, recorder and printer / PC can be connected.

NOTE: Electrode is not included. 

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