Hanna H1768195/4 Multimeter

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The suitcase contains,

Multiparameter, Field Meter pH/ORP/EC/°C Meter H1768195/4 Probe

Probe cable 4 meters long

Probe weight, for probe

USB cable for connection to laptop

Cleaning liquid Hanna, general.

In addition to the case, there are also calibration fluids that are purchased with it;

calibration fluid ORP 470 mV, value 31.46 Euro

calibration liquid pH 7.01, value 19.36 Euro

calibration liquid pH 4.01 value 19.36 Euro

calibration fluid 1413 US/CM Value 19.36 Euro

Storage liquid Value 19.36 Euro

Cleaning liquid Value 19.36 Euro

When purchasing the H1768195/4, these fluids are included for free.

Weight 0,0 kg

6 months


Used, in good condition


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