Thermo Scientific Multidrop 384 Reagent Dispenser

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Increase productivity with Thermo Scientific Multidrop 384 Reagent Dispenser, which offers continuous high-speed dispensing of various liquids with excellent precision and robot compatibility.

The Multidrop 384 Reagent Dispenser portions a wide range of solutions into 96- and 384-well plates across a 5 to 395 μL volume range, providing reliable microvolume dispensing for pharmaceutical and biotechnology laboratories.

Precise and reproducible dispensing results

High-speed dispensing for high assay throughput

Easy setup with quick plate and volume selection

Easy to integrate with different robotic setups for higher throughput

For use with standard cassettes only (Cat. No. 24072670, not included)

Recommended for:

Assay development

Primary and secondary screening

Compound storage

Genomics and proteomics research

Cell based assays

ELISA assays

Accuracy: 5µL: ±3% (typical), 20µL: ±2% (typical), 100µL: ±1% (typical)
Precision: 5μL: CV≤10% (typical), 20μL: CV≤1.5% (typical)
Volume Dead: <7 mL (reagent recovery option)
Increments: 5 μL increments
Speed: 96-well plate: 20µL in 5 seconds, 50µL in 8 seconds and 384-well plate: 20µL in 20 seconds, 50µL in 25 seconds
Dimensions (WxDxH): 310 x 320 x 155 mm
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