Mettler Toledo AT261 DeltaRange Analytical SemiMicro Balance proFACT Waage 205g

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The Mettler Toledo AT261 DeltaRange Electronic Analytical SemiMicro Balance with Fully Automatic Calibration Technology (proFACT) and motorized (or manual) movement of glass doors. It is designed for a wide range of 

Features and specifications:

– Readability (60g DeltaRange/200g): 0.01 mg / 0.1 mg
– Weighing capacity (60g DeltaRange/200g): 62 g / 205 g
– Taring range: 0…205 g
– Repeatability (s) full load (60g DeltaRange/200g): 0.04 mg / 0.05 mg
– Repeatability (s) 0…50g (60g DeltaRange): 0.015 mg
– Linearity (60g DeltaRange/200g): +/-0.08 mg / +/-0.15 mg
– Stabilization (60g DeltaRange/200g): 8…12 s / 3…5 s 
– Adjustment proFACT: Fully automatic motorized self-adjustment with two built-in weights. 
– Adjustment with external weight: 200 g

Supplied as shown, without cal weights.

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