Scanbur Scantainer Classic Animal Climate Cabinet

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The basic aim of the Scantainer concept is to reduce the time of exposure to microorganisms, dust, allergens and other contaminants for animals as well as for personnel. As long as the Scantainer is closed this exposure is eliminated as all supply and exhaust air is filtered through the highly efficient filters. The Scantainer not only shortens the time of exposure, it also minimizes the contamination level in the room air as this is continuously decontaminated by the Scantainer-filters. As a result, the risk of infection of the animals inside the cabinet when the doors are opened is reduced.

Common protective applications:

• Allergy (LAA)

• Spontaneous infections

• Experimental infections

• Genetic contamination

A selection of animals to be protected in the Scantainer:

• Animals in long term studies

• Transgenic animals

• SCID-mice

• Nude mice and rats

• Valuable inbred strains

• High quality SPF animals

Other common applications of the Scantainer:

• Standardisation of experiments

• Quarantine of animals

• Transportation of animals

• Separation of animals in GLP studies

• Acclimatisation of animals

• Reversing light cycles

• Placing outside the animal room – fx. in the laboratory

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