Atlas Ci4000 Xenon-Arc-Weather-Ometer Climatic Cabinet

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The ATLAS Ci4000 Xenon-Arc-Weather-Ometer performs accelerated material durability testing meeting global weathering and lightfastness test requirements. 

Top in class for reproducibility, repeatability and operating efficiency. 

6500 W water-cooled Xenon Arc lamp 

Interchangeable Inner- en outer glass filter 3-trier precision design rotating 

Sample Rack Total exposure area: 6500 cm² 

TFT 12” LCD screen displaying all test parameters 

Automatic irradiance control: 340 nm or 420nm narrow band or 300-400nm broad band 

Automatic on rack black panel (BPT) or black stdt panel (BST) temperature control 

Automatic blower speed control 

Automatic test time countdown in KJ/m² or hours 

Automatic Temperature control by Smart Damper 

Automatic Vibra-Sonic Humidification system 

Automatic Humidity control Water purity meter Compliance package CE-, UL-, ISO EN- and CSA 

Up to 12 factory pré-programmed, commonly used test methods (ASTM, ISO, SAE…) 

User can define, program and store 5 additional test programs 

Equipped with: 

68 test samples holders SL-3T type (6,5cm x 14cm)

Calibrated Xenon reference calibration lamp

Boro S / boro S inner/outer glass filters

LiquiAir cooling system

Available 2023

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