Terumo SCD IIB Sterile Tubing Welder

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SCD IIB Welder Connects:


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tubing:*

Outer diameter: 5.46 mm

Wall thickness: 0.84 mm


C-Flex tubing:

Outer diameter: 6.35 mm

Inner diameter: 3.18 mm


*Use PVC tubing with a nominal outer diameter (OD) of 5.46 mm and a wall thickness of 0.84 mm or C-Flex tubing with a nominal OD of 6.35 mm and a nominal inner diameter of 3.18 mm.

Warning: The tubing sizes and types listed have been tested by Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies for weld strength and sterility; however, some users have had successful results using other types of thermoplastic tubing. PVC and C-Flex tubing are acceptable forms of tubing for use with this product. If you choose to use tubing other than that specified, it is your responsibility to test for weld strength and sterility according to the standards appropriate for the desired application. Use of non-specified tubing could cause a low-strength, nonsterile weld.

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