CETAC U5000AT+ Ultrasonic Nebulizer

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Using an ultrasonic nebulizer in conjunction with an optical ICP system is a simple, cost-effective way to increase sensitivity and lower detection limits. While conventional pneumatic nebulizers are generally only 2 to 3% efficient under normal operating conditions, the CETAC U5000AT+ Ultrasonic Nebulize converts more of the liquid sample into a usable aerosol, with an efficiency of 10 to 15%. The result: enhanced detection limits (up to 10x or greater) for ICP-AES and ICP-MS.
Up to 10x improvement in analyte signal
For ICP-OES detection, limits fall below 1ppb for many elements
For ICP-MS, sub-ppt limits can be achieved
Even lower limits may be obtained under clean-room conditions
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