Büchi B-90 Nano Spray Dryer

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The Nano Spray Dryer B-90 models have been designed to produce particles out of a solution or suspension with a particle size between 0,3 µm – 5 µm by drying or encapsulation at a yield rate of up to 90%.

Maximum inlet temperature: 120°C

Maximum evaporating capacity: 0.2 l/h H2O (higher rates with organic solvents are possible)

Drying gas flow: 80 – 160 l/min

Maximum pressure N2 or CO2 inert gas input: 2 bar

Mean droplet size range: 8 – 21 µm

Mean particle size range: 300 nm – 5 µm

Mean residence time: 1 – 4 sec



Aspirator with inlet filter

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