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The Rotary Centrifugal Air Sampler (RCS) measures and detects airborne viable particles, which can contaminate food products, faster than typical sampling methods.
Lightweight, portable, and ideal for routine plant inspections, samples are collected on agar strips and are incubated and counted using conventional equipment and techniques.
Air is the most overlooked source of contamination in food plants. Yet, airborne microorganisms frequently cause reduced shelf life, flavor defects, and spoilage. The result for food processors: lost profit.
With the RCS Air Sampler, processors can detect air quality problems days, or even weeks, before typical sampling methods. Problems are prevented before they result in lost income or consumer confidence. Air exposure plates are traditionally used to monitor air quality. Yet results tend to be inconsistent and difficult to reproduce. Significant changes in air quality are hard to detect. One reason is that aerosolized bacteria remain suspended for hours while plates are typically exposed for only 15 minutes. Another reason is the variability of air currents in plants. The RCS Air Sampler provides accurate, reproducible results. It samples air at precisely 40 liters/minute. Samples are representative and comparable day-to-day, and because microorganisms can be collected on either Tryptic Soy or Rose Bengal media, air may be sampled for bacteria, yeast, or mold.
The RCS Air Sampler pulls air in from a distance of at least 40 cm by means of an impeller. Air enters the impeller drum concentrically, in a conical form. It is set in rotation, and the particles it contains are impelled by centrifugal force onto a plastic strip containing a culture medium. Air leaves the drum in a spiral from around the outside of the cone of incoming air, without contaminating it. After collecting the sample, the agar strips are incubated and the colonies counted. Because the RCS Air Sampler draws precisely 40 liters of air/minute, the detected number of colonies can be calculated per unit volume of air. Results are plotted daily on statistical run charts in order to establish a picture of typical microbial populations in each location. Corrective actions may be taken immediately as counts rise above baseline values.
Typical Applications:
Packaging rooms
Processing areas
Air intakes
HEPA filter efficiency
Starter rooms
Air for blowdowns
Entrance areas
Air Sampler Specs:
Impeller RPM: 4096 ±2%
Noise Level: 49 dB
Sampling Rate: 40 L/min.
Sample Interval: 0.5, 1, 2, 4, or 8 min.
Power: 4 standard D cells
Blades & Drum: steam sterilizable
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