Berthold Sirius Single Tube Luminometer

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Berthold Sirius Single Tube Luminometer

Sirius can be employed according to the individual needs of each user.
In its basic configuration the luminometer is ready for standard measurements.
Sirius can be upgraded to form a powerful measurement system for any
luminescence application.
The Sirius luminometer measures standard glow chemistry of single samples
from a variety of sample formats. For flash chemistry, and to make
operation more convenient, the instrument can be formatted with one or two
built-in automatic reagent injectors.

Sample Format : Tubes up to 12 mm in diameter up to 75 mm length, microfuge tubes, 35 mm culture dishes, liquid scintillation vials up to 20ml. Injection operation with tubes of 12 mm diameter x 75 or 55 mm.
Detector : Photomultiplier tube with bialkali cathode, effective spectral range 300–600 nm (extended range on request), operated in photon counting mode.
Measurement Chamber : Retractable drawer with interchangeable reflectors and sample adapters.
Sensitivity : 2 attomole ATP.
Dynamic Range : More than 6 decades without gain switch ensuring best linearity over the entire range.
Printer : Thermal matrix printer with 40 characters per line.
Operating Software (Microprocessor) : Operation via three softkeys.
· Measuring and delay time settings in increments of 0.1 s.
· Data output in RLU/sec.
· Injector volume and injection delay time settings, flexible priming procedure.
· Singe and dual measurement mode.
· Protocols: Raw Data, Single Assay, Cut-off Assay, Dual Assay.
· Background subtraction and replicate management (up to 9).
· Calculation of average and CV.
Interfaces : Serial interface (RS-232) and USB interface for PC.
Power Requirements : DC 12 V, 2.5 A supplied through mains adapter (included).
Dimensions : H: 25 cm, W: 32 cm, D: 20 cm.
Weight : 3.9 kg including two injectors.
Injectors : Microprocessor controlled bellow-type injectors for optimal control of injection profile.
Number of Injectors : 0, 1, 2 (upgrading possible).
Injection Volume : 20–300 μl in increments of 10 μl.
Precision : 20 μl: ±1%; 100 μl: < ±0.5 %; 300 μl: < ±0.1 %.
Accuracy : ±3 μl.

This unit is in excellent working condition and very clean cosmetically.
Feel free to contact with any questions.

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