Greisinger GFTB 100 Hygro-/Thermo-/Barometer

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Super fast measurement of air pressure, humidity and temperature. By using very precise sensors, the device clearly obtains more accuracy than comparable devices. Reading options for the dew point temperature Td, evaporation temperature Twb, absolute humidity (g/³) and the moisture content (g/kg).
3 devices in one
Extremely low power consumption and therefore ideal climate station for long-term use
Min / max value memory
Cyclical view
Sea level correction
Trend view
Digital zero and slope tuning of the measurement.
Accuracy air pressure measurement: ± 1.5 mbar
Accuracy humidity measurement: ± 1.5% Hrel
Accuracy T: ± 0.5%
Temperature: -25 to +70°C
Supply voltage: 9 V block battery
Air pressure: 300.0 – 1100.0 mbar
Measurement range humidity: 0.0 – 100% Hrel

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