Brugger HSG-C Contact Heat Sealer

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The HSG-C is designed to test the heat sealability of lacquered or coated films. The HSG-C has interchangeable sealing jaws, the temperature of which can be set independently between room temperature and 300°C. Furthermore, the sealing time and the sealing force can be regulated. The display shows the current and desired temperature as well as the sealing time and sealing force.


Test procedure: Simulation of a heat sealing system to determine the optimal sealing parameters

Compressed air connection: 6 bar to max. 10 bar

Sealing jaws: 180 mm x 25 mm smooth

Sealing temperature: Room temperature up to 300°C

Tolerance: < 1.5% of final value

Sealing strength: 40N to 1000N on the entire sealing surface

Tolerance: < 1.5% of final value

Sealing time: 0.1 – 50.0 s

Tolerance: 0.1% of final value

Dimensions: 650 x 350 x 440 mm

Weight: 24kg

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