HAVER EML 200 Premium

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The Haver EML 200 Premium is suitable for dry screening and is electromagnetically driven. The machine is supplied with the classic tensioning system and a machine cover with a viewing window.
110 – 230 Volt, 50-60 Hertz

This analysis sifter is much quieter than ever before. The transfer of vibrations to the base has been greatly reduced by using an improved damping system. The extra-large display provides the operator with an excellent overview and is user-friendly.


Classic tensioning system

Three-dimensional screen movement

Extra quiet electromagnetic drive

Freely adjustable amplitude up to 3 mm

Improved damping system

Extra large display with simple and logical operation

Ethernet interface

Storage option for different sieve positions

Voltage and frequency independent (110 – 230 Volt, 50-60 Hertz)

High-quality anodized aluminum surfaces

Re-calibrable test equipment according to ISO 9001

max. weight of filled sieve tower: 8.7kg (about 3kg sample weight)

Includes machine cover with viewing window

Test sieve diameters from 50 mm to 203 mm

Including five test sieves 203×50 mm

– 1.12mm

– 800 µm

– 400 µm

– 160 µm

– 80 µm

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