Olympus BX51 Trinocular Transmitted Light Microscope

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Olympus microscope particularly suitable for analysis of living tissues.
Objectives (quintuple revolver):
100 x oil Ph3 (oil immersion with Phase contrast)
10 x Ph1 (Oil Immersion with Phase Contrast)
100 x oil Iris (1.25 – 0.56 oil immersion with diaphragm)
4x / 0.1
2x / 0.05

Maximum magnification: 400x to 1000x
Triocular head (100% eye / 100% camera and split) Eyepiece: WH 15 x 14 Blue filter
DF (dark field)
Phase contrast Ph1
Phase contrast Ph2
Phase contrast Ph3
Microscope cameras:
Color View IIIu.
Olympus DP26
Associated software: DP-soft 5.0 and cellSens
Including cabling and c-mount.
HP computer for image analysis.
The microscope with cameras and computer are in perfect condition. Annual maintenance by an Olympus specialist.

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