Carl Zeiss LSM 510 Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope

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Zeiss LSM 510 + Controle module
Zeiss LSM 5 Lasermodule equipped with Lasos LGK 7786 P He/Ne laser
Zeiss MCU 28 Micro manager with joystick (P/N 457433)
Zeiss Axiovert 100M Inverted Microscope (P/N 451332) equipped with:
Zeiss Eyepiece E-PL 10x/20 Focusing (P/N 444232-9902-000)
Zeiss Camera Adapter Tube 30mm (P/N 456006‐0000‐000)
Zeiss Phase Contrast Condenser (P/N 451356)
Märzhäuser Motorized Scanning Stage Scan 120×100 IM (P/N 90-25-411-000)
Zeiss Filter slider with 0.55H/ph/DIC (P/N 451333)
Zeiss EC Plan‐Neofluar 10x/0.30 Ph1 Objective (P/N 440331‐9902‐000 )
Zeiss HBO 100W/2 Mercury discharge lamp (P/N 447216/448016)
Zeiss 100W Halogen light source (P/N 447235/447217)

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