Tecan 96PW Microplate Washer

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Used for washing of cells and ELISA’s, the Tecan 96PW Plate Washer gives you efficiency and high throughput. Easy to clean, the 96PW plate washer has a predefined rinse mode, ensuring dependable everyday use. The Tecan 96PW plate washer allows you to fill all 96 wells in a plate simultaneously, by incorporating 96-aspiration needles, and 96 dispense needles in a single wash-head reducing wash times to a few seconds. This plate washer supports both gentle washing of cell based assays, or fast washing of Enzyme Immuno Assays and is equipped with Aerosol shield.
The Tecan 96PW plate washer is also equipped with an automatic bubble detection sensor system when there is an air bubble in the line, additionally, the 96 PW provides an aerosol-shield around the wash-head to minimize aerosols during the wash process. This plate washer has a built in keypad, with simple navigation of programing and overall control of the 96 PW. On board memory stores up to 20 wash protocols. The Tecan 96 PW plate washer is fully compatible with the Freedom EVO and TRAC system.
Vacuum: Typically 55 l/min 0,6 bar
Residual volume per well: < 2 µl
Liquid distribution pump: Liquid can be drawn from any bottle, suction height max 1.5m
Dispensing accuracy: CV < 2% over the plate
Power Autosensing: 100 – 120 V/200 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz
Consumption max: 575 VA
Dimensions (W x H x D): 303 x 455 x 25 mm
Weight: 12.6 kg

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