Skatron SkanWASHER 300 Microplate Washer

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The SkanWasher 300 is an automatic 96-well microplate washer designed to give reliable, reproducible results, with no cross-contamination between wells, and no carryover from plate to plate. The washer incorporates flexible software, and can handle most requirements for kit manufacturers, and research and clinical scientists.

The SkanWasher 300 has eight user-defined programs, two inlets for buffer and rinse, and a special rinse program. The fluid pressure can be adjusted individually for each program, making it suitable for very gentle washing, as well as tougher, more turbulent washing.

Washes all 96 wells simultaneously

8 user defined programs with 16 steps per program. Wash steps set by either time or volume (100 – 1000 ml)

Versatile dispense-only function provides < 4% CV dispense accuracy and precision across the plate

Easy to maintian: preset factory rinse program and removable wash head

Wash head & manifold combined in one module, thereby reducing risk of contaminant growth

Unique double probe washing system provides maximum washing efficiency with minimal reagent consumption

Aspirate from top of liquids to avoid cross-contamination of wells

Easily-accessible wash head channels for easy cleaning

Motorized plate carriage, adjustable for flat & round bottomed plates

Quick-disconnect fittings to avoid spills

Capacity: 96-well Microplates

Soak Time: Programmable to 3 Minutes

Dimensions (WxDxH): 660 x 330 x 610 mm

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