BMG Labtechnologies LUMIsytar OPTIMA Microplate Luminescence Reader

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Luminescence microplate reader including software

The LUMIstar OPTIMA is a fully automated microplate luminescence reader that is designed for the widest possible range of applications based on luminescence labels:

Reporter gene assays luciferase, -galactosidase, gene activities with luminescence substrates (luminol, acridinium esters, dioxetanes..)
Luminescent Immunoassays
Cell-based assays (cytotoxity and proliferation, intracellular Ca2+ with aequorin)
ATP assays
GUS assays (-glucuronidase)
ROS (reactive oxygen species)
Enzyme activity assays
Nucleic acid detection (PCR Quantification)
BMG Digital Photon Integration (DPI) technology and the programmable Gain control give the LUMIstar OPTIMA the best sensitivity, with extended linear dynamic range. By incorporating on-board reagent injectors, flash kinetic reactions can be measured in as little as 20 ms. The faster transport system allows 96-well plates to be read in as little as 20 seconds.
The most flexible hardware and software features for all your applications!
Temperature-regulated heating plates above and below the entire plate movement area provide uniform incubation up to 45°C
Endpoint, slow and fast kinetic measurements
For flash reactions, you can select well-mode for fast injections and as short as 20 ms for interval time. Choose plate-mode for glow reactions that have longer kinetic times or endpoint test runs. Either way, an assay can be defined with up to 250 kinetic points at specified time intervals down to the millisecond range.
Top and bottom reading

The reader has top and bottom optic reading capability. Cell-based assays are closer to the bottom optics, therefore allowing more sensitive measurements. It is also possible to inject into a 384-well plate and it is quickly determined if top or bottom reading returns the best measurement data.

Measurement principles: Luminescence
Detector: Photomultiplier tube
Filters: Emission filter wheel with 8 filter positions
Gain control: Software selectable gain, Automatic gain adjustment
Plate carrier: Auto lock microplate carrier. All microplate formats op to 1536-well in all detection modes. Microplates shoudl fulfil the SBS specifications and non-SBS formats should fit: (lxwxh) (mm) max: 128x86x20; min: length 124
Shaking: Linear, orbital and figure eight shaking, Programmable shake time and diameter
Incubation: Incubation range from ambient +8°C to 45°C, in 0.1°C steps. Temparature stability 0.2°C
Shortest reading time: 20 s for 96-wells, 55 s for 384-wells
Luminescence: Limit of detection <50 amol/well ATP,  Spectral range 240 – 740 nm, Dynamic range 9 decades
Dimensions (H x W x D): 270 x 440 x 480 mm
Weight: 28 kg

Including PC (Vista) and software preïnstalled

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