Biochrom Asys Expert 96 Microplate Reader Instrument only

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The Biochrom Expert 96 is a PC- controlled modern design multi-channel microplate reader, for fast plate reading of standard ANSI SBS footprint 96 well, flat, round and v-bottomed plates. The Biochrom Expert 96 has four shaking modes for mixing of solutions and the ability to perform readings at timed intervals ideal for kinetic assays.

Lamp Source: Tungsten Halogen
Measurement Range: 0 – 4.0 OD
Reproducibility/Precision: 0.5% 0.1-2.5 OD
Accuracy: 1% from 0.100-2.5 OD
Linearity: 0.5% and 0.005 from 0.1-2.5 OD at 492 nm
Filters: 405 nm, 450 nm, 492 nm, 550 nm and 620nm
Wavelength Selection: Filters
Wavelength Range: 340-800nm
Plate Types: flat-bottom, 96- well plate
Detection System: 8 silicon photodiodes
Reading Speed: 5 Seconds
Shaking: 4 speed standard
Dimensions (WxDxH): 270 x 430 x 240 mm
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