GE Healthcare Biacore 3000 Biomolecular Interaction Analysis System

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Biacore 3000 from GE Healthcare is a system for real-time biomolecular interaction analysis using surface plasmon resonance (SPR) technology.

This technique monitors the formation and dissociation of biomolecular complexes on a sensor surface as the interaction occurs. By covalently attaching one molecule (the ligand) to the surface, the binding of another molecule in solution (the analyte) with the ligand is followed. Measurements are made under conditions of continuous flow, where the sensor surface forms one wall of the flow cell. For the majority of applications, the surface can be regenerated and reused for an extended series of analyses.

SPR is a non-invasive optical measuring technique which measures the mass concentration of biomolecules in close proximity to the specially prepared surface. The technique does not require any labeling of the interacting components. The response is largely independent of the nature of the biomolecule, so that all steps in an interaction analysis may be followed with the same detection technique.

Biacore 3000 measures surface protein concentrations from a few pg/mm,and can monitor changes in the surface concentration on a time scale down to 0.1 s. The technology allows determination of binding specificity, kinetics and concentration with analytes ranging in size from about 150 to

106 g/mole (Daltons) or more. Flow-through technology with integrated microfluidics gives reproducible sample handling and simplifies kinetic calculations.

Biacore 3000 can be used for studying the interactions of proteins, protein conjugates, nucleic acids, lipid micelles and even larger particles such as viruses and whole cells. The technology is valuable in a wide range of application areas, ranging from basic research to drug design, interaction proteomics and biomedical research (including cancer, neurobiology and infectious diseases).

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