Quanta Biotech TAS96 Temperature Acquisition System

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TAS systems are high performance multi channel temperature acquisition systems, calibrated, and traceable to international temperature standard ITS90.
Rapid responce temperature sensors and flexible probe positioning allow the user to mnitor the performance of thier own machines to troubleshoot applications, transfer protocols between machines and monitor life cycle performance as and when required.
TAS empowers users with the knowledge to optimize their incubations, identify poorly performing equipment and eliminate wasted time and reagent use. Procedures are easily implemented to allow laboratories to fully comply with any regulatory and quality system requirements.

Measurement range: 0°C – 100°C

Number of probe positions: 96 positions on standard microplate spacing
Probe identification/position: Position and identification of probe is automatic
Measurement resolution: 16 bits
Accuracy: ±0,1°C at 95°C using PC driven TAS system, ±0.2°C at 25°C using stand-alone TAS system (restored to ±0,1°C at 95°C when data is downloaded to PC software)
Temperature reference: 25°C ±0,1°C
Software sample rate/channel: Sampling rate of 10 Hz (10 times a second) to once per hour
Dimensions (DxWxH): 125x90x40 mm
Weight: 350 gr
Software features:
Real time chart with zoom able axis: Detailted check of accuracy, uniformity, ramp rates at any stage in the protocol.
Automatic detection of overshoots and undershoots: Yes, alarm can be set.
Graph overlay: compare one performance trace to another for life cycle performance monitoring or detailed machine to machine comparison.
Temperature sensitive plate display: Visible representation of block temperature profile and dynamic uniformity analysis and gradient checks.
Unique run records: GLP & 21 CFR part 2 compliant rec.ords store date, user, probes and temperature data in protected records
Export in spreadsheet format: Excel compatible to enable custom data reports.
Automatic probe identification and position log: Ensures correct calibration parameters used with each probe and makes it impossible to use out of calibration probes without warning and logging in the data report.

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