Eppendorf Mastercycler epGradient S Thermo Cycler

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The thermocycler Mastercycler ep from the thermocycler family is characterized by thermoblocks with the possibility of very fast heating and cooling, a unique heated lid technology (ESP – Electronic Sample Protection), which protects the samples from overheating and minimizes non-specific tempering. Each Mastercycler ep thermal cycler has a gradient function with SteadySlope technology, which ensures that the heating and cooling speeds are identical in gradient and normal operation. 

Programming the control panel is simple and intuitive, so novice users can quickly get started

Heated ESP cover

The Mastercycler ep Gradient S is equipped with a hot-start device for additional speeds. 

Block temperature control range: 4 to 99 °C 

Interface: Centronics, RS232, control panel, CAN_in / CAN_out

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