Bioer QuantGene 9600 Real Time Thermal Cycler PCR System

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BIOER QuantGene 9600 thermal cycler

The QuantGene 9600 builds on the excellent quality of the LineGene family, utilizing highly mature thermoelectric refrigeration technology, a new light source and optical system design. The unique DC power supply and 6-zone independent temperature control method ensure that the product is fast, accurate and stable in fluorescence quantification analysis. The product adopts design modularity, with a variety of configuration options, while adding a temperature gradient, 4°C sample cryopreservation, automatic dehumidification and other functions, fully meet the needs of scientific research and clinical medical needs.


Highest imaging of photoelectric detection (Adopted the best imaging technology to collect 96-well fluorescent signals without detection time difference. Fast detection, single channel detection only need 1 second).

Module with 6 compartments for thermal cycles.

Smart adjustable hot cover.

Automatic pop-up sample container.

Fully adaptable software system. 

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