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SmartSlide™ 150

The SmartSlide™ 150 Micro-Incubation System is an image enabling platform that maintains cells and tissues for long durations on WaferGen’s SmartSlide 6-well Micro-Incubator without having to take the plate in & out of a lab incubator. Temperature, gas and up to 3 nutrients are controlled by WaferGen’s intuitive SmartSlide Software and Instrument System.

The SmartSlide™ 150 Micro-Incubation System provides complete walk-away automation allowing scientists to grow their cells and observe differentiation, cytotoxicity, apoptosis, chemotaxis, and much more under physiological conditions. The SmartSlide 150 Micro-Incubation System is designed to support cell and tissue cultures when temperature control, gas fl ow rates and nutrient changes are critical parameters. Compact design provides for dexterity in tight lab space.


  • SmartSlide™ 150 Graphical
  • User Interface
  • SmartSlide 150 Software enables
  • real-time control of cell and tissue
  • culture conditions. Gas flow,
  • temperature and multi-nutrient
  • exchanges are controlled through
  • intuitive graphical user interface.

  • A simple solution to a complex problem
  • Maintains cells and tissues at physiological conditions for prolonged cell imaging
  • Allows for automatic exchange of up to 3 nutrients for long experimental duration
  • Permits user programmable temperature, gasflow rate, and multi-media exchange
  • Provides fl exibility in experiments by independently controlling 6 wells of the SmartSlide-6™ Micro-Incubator
  • Micro injection ports facilitate addition of multiple nutrient, growth or pharmacological agents in each well
  • Independent heating of base and lid at different temperatures eliminates condensation during imaging
  • Auxiliary heater for microscope objective prevents heat-sink problems
  • Auxiliary heater for humidifi er/media bottle
  • Enables live cell confocal or widefi eld imaging
  • Compatible with bright field & fluorescence techniques


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