QiaGen QIAcube HT Workstation

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QIAcube HT enables automated mid- to high-throughput nucleic acid purification in 96-well format using silica membrane technology. A variety of QIAcube HT Purification Kits lets users quickly and easily purify DNA, RNA and miRNA from almost any type of sample – including cells, tissues and stool samples, as well as from bacteria and viruses in animal samples. Automated protocols and dedicated accessories and consumables increase reliability and convenience and save valuable time. The system provides the same high-quality results as other trusted QIAGEN purification technologies.

Reliable DNA, RNA and miRNA extraction from virtually any sample type

Mid- to high-throughput solution with dedicated purification kits saves costs and time

User-friendly software allows for easy data management and documentation

Innovative design features increase safety and minimize cross-contamination

Convenient, flexible and easy-to-use instrument with small footprint

Accessories: Vacuum Control Station

Precision: 20 – 200 µl, less than 4% coefficient of variation

HEPA filter: Preinstalled dual-cartridge HEPA filter system provides positive pressure clean air within the closed hood.

Communications: RS232 and USB

Throughput: 24 – 96 samples in increments of 8 samples

UV lamp: Preinstalled UV lamp for worktable decontamination

Tip disposal: All used tips ejected externally; no waste accumulation on the worktable

Software: Supplied with unlimited user license with free upgrades by web download

Pipetting system: 8 pipetting channels, pipetting volume (20-200 µl)

Notebook (supplied): QIAcube HT comes with a notebook computer for added flexibility.

Table capacity: 4 x SBS positions (127.76 x 85.48 mm), compatible with 96-well plates or tip racks 1 custom adapter for a reagent trough plate compatible to accept reagent troughs vacuum chamber with chambers for waste and elution

Dimensions (WxHxD): Instrument 540 x 450 x 630 mm, vacuum control station 495 x 520 x 400 mm

Weight: QIAcube HT instrument 41 kg, vacuum control station 19 kg

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