Logos Biosystems LUNA-FL Fluorescence Cell Counter

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Equipped with dual fluorescence and brightfield optics, the LUNA-FL is a powerhouse. The LUNA-FL can assess cell counts, viability, and GFP transfection efficiency without being limited by cell type or size.

With four counting modes, the LUNA-FL is a powerhouse. Equipped with brightfield and dual fluorescence optics that allows the sensitive detection of most cell types excluding bacteria. The LUNA-FL can distinguish primary cells such as PBMCs, splenocytes, neutrophils, and stem cells from undesirable debris for accurate cell count and viability results. Brightfield cell counting, fluorescence cell counting, yeast cell counting, and GFP transfection assays are all in the LUNA-FL wheelhouse. This versatile little counter sits comfortably in a cell culture hood or on your benchtop to fit seamlessly into your workflow.

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