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Imrali Inventions Ltd, presents the world’s first Slide Cleaner which can wash and enable the re-use of the leading brands of image-based plastic disposable automated cell counter slides in less than 30 seconds. The iWash Slide Cleaning System is also safer, faster and more efficient to wash disposable slides than manually washing re-usable slides.

The main reasons for using automated cell counters with disposable cell counting slides are their ease of use, more accurate results than when performed by a human operator, significant time savings and the elimination of biohazards generated during the washing of traditional haemocytometers. However, the relatively high cost of disposable slides has hindered automated cell counters to be adopted by many laboratories around the world. On the other hand, re-useable slides introduced to overcome this problem are expensive, fragile and still require manual wash & dry steps which are time consuming and generate biohazards like the traditional haemocytometers. Moreover, the single-use, disposable slides increase the plastic biohazard waste produced in the labs.

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