IKA RCT Digital Hot Plate with Magnetic Stirrer

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The IKA Plate (RCT digital) has a round top made of aluminum alloy. It stirs volumes of up to 20l (H2O) and runs at speeds ranging from 50-1500 rpm. Strongly standing by its product and technology, unparalleled in the industry; scientists can focus on their experiments with a reliable stir plate. 

Some of the features are: 

IKA emphasizes ease-of-use by design simplicity

Reduced forms and operating elements meet the modernity of smartphones

Using Alnico magnetic technology, the IKA Plate (RCT digital) achieves excellent temperature stability and high residual induction. It also provides for maximum vortex. The integrated timer and counter function supports the control of kinetics and sensitive reactions; the IKA SmartTemp function protects users intelligently and predictably. PT 1000.60 temperature sensor included in the scope of delivery. 

Number of stirring positions 1 

Stirring quantity max. per stirring position (H2O) 20 l 

Motor rating output 9 W 

Direction of rotation right / left 

Speed display set-value LCD 

Speed display actual-value LCD 

Speed control Turning knob 

Speed range 50 – 1500 rpm 

Setting accuracy speed 10 rpm 

Stirring bar length 30 – 80 mm 

Self-heating of the set-up plate by max. stirring (RT:22°C/duration:1h) 13 +K 

Heat output 600 W 

Temperature display set-value LCD 

Temperature display actual-value LCD 

Temperature unit °C / °F 

Heating temperature range Room temp. + device self heating – 310 °C 

Heat control Turning knob 

Temperature setting range 0 – 310 °C 

Temperature setting resolution of heating plate 1 K 

Connection for ext. temperature sensor PT1000, ETS-D5, ETS-D6 

Temperature setting resolution of medium 1 K 

Adjustable safety circuit 50 – 370 °C 

Set-up plate material Aluminium alloy 

Set-up plate dimensions Ø 135 mm 

Automatic reverse rotation yes 

Intermittend mode yes 

Viscosity trend measurement yes 

Timer yes 

Sensor in medium detection (Error 5) yes 

Speed deviation (no load,nominal voltage, at 1500rpm + 25 °C) 2 ±% 

Heating rate (1l H2O in h2500) 6.5 K/min 

Heat control accuracy of heating plate (at 100°C) 5 ±K 

Heat control accuracy with ext. PT1000 (500ml H2O in 600ml beaker,40mm stirring bar,600rpm,50°C) 0.5 ±K 

Heat control accuracy with ETS-D5 (500ml H2O in 600ml beaker,40mm stirring bar,600rpm,50°C) 0.5 ±K 

Heat control accuracy with ETS-D6 (500ml H2O in 600ml beaker,40mm stirring bar,600rpm,50°C) 0.2 ±K 

Dimensions (W x H x D) 160 x 85 x 270 mm 

Weight 2.4 kg 

Permissible ambient temperature 5 – 40 °C 

Permissible relative humidity 80 % 

Protection class according to DIN EN 60529 IP 42 

RS 232 interface yes 

USB interface yes 

Voltage 220 – 230 / 115 / 100 V 

Frequency 50/60 Hz 

Power input 650 W 

Power input standby 1.6 W

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