Beckman Coulter LH 750 Hematology Analyzer

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The LH 750 analyzer is equipped with superior technologies, NRBC enumeration and random access capabilities. These advancements help high-volume labs eliminate manual pre-sorting of samples and speed results to clinicians. With this system, you can improve overall efficiency, while maintaining the highest degree of testing accuracy.
Improve productivity with WBC linearity that extends from zero to 400,000 and platelet linearity that extends from zero to 3,000,000
Increase clinician confidence at clinical decision thresholds without additional costly testing protocolsEnhance productivity with a reduction in false-positive results and confirmatory testsEliminate the use of additional reagents since NRBCs are automatically enumerated with every CBC/diff
Identify and enumerate NRBCs without manual intervention
Improve productivity by reducing the need for technologist intervention and sample re-runsObtain precise and accurate WBC counts with automatic interference correction
Standardize laboratory processes across all shifts with user-defined decision rules 
Customize the system to meet your lab’s needs and specific patient populations with flexible differential flagging
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