Thermo Scientific Heto PowerDry LL3000 Freeze Dryer

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The Heto PL3000 device presents a unique new principle in freeze drying: the double capillary tube system – PowerDry. The principle shortens the time required to reach operating temperature while providing an ice capture capacity unparalleled in a compact laboratory freeze dryer. The design is very compact and features a microprocessor that allows easy programming of temperature and vacuum. In addition, alarm parameters can be set to the desired values. An optional product sensor can be connected, while the RS 232-C serial interface card ensures communication with the optional PC on the printer as standard. This feature allows for data logging of condenser and product temperatures and vacuum parameters. The Heto PL3000 is perfectly suited for academic and industrial research. The device is easy to use and meets all market requirements in terms of price, performance, quality and features. In addition to the Heto PL3000, the existing range of high-quality Heto freeze dryers is still available, offering the possibility to choose between different ice capacities and condenser volumes. A wide range of manifolds and other accessories are available for any freeze drying application.

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