Telstar Lyobeta Mini Freeze Dryer

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The LyoBeta is a freeze drying unit designed for biological, pharmaceutical and food product formulation and “scale up” work, facilitating transfer technology to the R&D centres and production. It is a high performance unit with a GLP design, which allows for performing the entire freeze drying process fully automatically as well as accurately monitoring it.

Lyobeta Mini possibilities of controlling freeze-drying process makes understanding of key parameters a very valuable tool for the up-scaling of the process at stages close to production. Lyobeta Mini offers similar features to bigger units using minimum space in research laboratories

The Lyobeta Mini is manufactured as a benchtop, one self-standing unit, saving as much space as possible in your facility. It is built with top quality materials and components, applying advanced techniques as you would expect from Telstar.

The chamber and condenser as well as all the other subsystems (refrigeration compressors, etc.) are housed inside an oven-dried enamel steel enclosure, placed on swiveling casters. The vacuum pump is located outside the main enclosure.

Telstar freeze-dryers are tested completely in our factory in real working conditions and its compact design and construction gives an easy installation and commissioning at site.

The LyoBeta Mini unit allows fully automatically processing of a complete freeze drying cycle according to specific profiles. The process recipes are easily edited on the touch-screen, or the LyoSuite SCADA software, and run in automatic, semiautomatic or manual modes. At any moment, the automatic mode can be switched off, held, restarted or switched over to semiautomatic or manual modes.

Including vacuum pump

Technical Specifications

Number of shelves (max.) 2

Shelf dimensions (WxD) 400 x 225 mm

Usable shelf area (max) 0.18 m2

Shelf temperature range -55 to +70ºC

Condenser capacity 5.5 kg

Final condenser temperature <-85ºC

Weight 200 kg

Dimensions (WxDxH) 941x755x630 mm

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