Clean Air EF/B4 Biological Safety Cabinet

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The EF/B is a class II Biological Safety Cabinet. It gives the user the possibility to work safely and sterile with bioagentia without complete physical barrier between person and experiment through work opening.

Average downflow speed (in work mode): 0,36 ± 0,05 m/s

Average downflow speed (in standby mode): 0,10 – 0,20 m/s

Average inflow speed in top of front aperture (in work mode): 0.28 m/s

Average inflow speed in whole front aperture (in work mode): > 0,5 m/s

Exhaust airflow (work mode): 400 ± 25 m³/h

Fluorescent lamp intensity: 1000 Lux

UV wave length: 253 nm 

Front aperture (work mode)(HxL): 165 x 1190 mm

Front aperture maximum height: 350 mm

Dimensions (without exhaust hood)(LxDxH): 1333 x 844 x 1552 mm

Height exhaust hood: 650 mm

Height support frame: 745 mm

Interior dimensions (LxDxH): 1190 x 605 x 725 mm

Work area (LxD): 1109 x 440 mm

Weight:  300 kg

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