Millipore Labscale Tangential Flow Filtration System

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This high-performance, tangential flow filtration (TFF) system is ideally suited for:
Process development – at volumes from 50 to 1000 mL
Process scale-up – assisted by built-in controls
Sample preparation – featuring easy-to-use operation
The Labscale TFF System can be operated in the following modes:
Continuous diafiltration
The Labscale TFF System was specifically designed to operate the Pellicon XL 50 cassette. This cassette can be directly docked into the system reservoir, eliminating the need for tubing connections. This feature, in addition to the diaphragm pump assembly, provides a final working volume of <15 mL.
The system’s graduated 500 mL acrylic reservoir includes a retentate back pressure valve, feed and retentate pressure indicators, a stirrer assembly and diaphragm pump assembly.
All wetted parts meet the requirements of USP Class VI testing and CFR 21 regulations.
Easy-to-use operation – supporting process development, scale-up and sample preparation
Compact footprint – to free-up benchtop space

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