Thermo Fisher HyClone Single-Use Bioreactor

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The Thermo Scientific HyClone Single-Use Bioreactor (S.U.B.) is the leading single-use alternative to conventional stirred tank bioreactors for animal and insect cell culture. The current unit has a maximum working volume of 50L . The S.U.B. is now available with new optimized standard BioProcess Containers with improved, dual sparge capability. Open pipe and frit sparging systems are now included to provide a wider range of operating conditions.
The HyClone S.U.B. provides all the advantages of single-use bioprocessing without having to buy a complete new bioreactor system. The critical design parameters of the S.U.B., such as height to diameter ratios, mixer design and location and typical control system interfaces, have been maintained.
The S.U.B. BioProcess Container (BPC) is supplied sterilized by irradiation and therefore does not require any facility hook-ups for sterilization or cleaning. A key element to the single-use design is the plastic (polyethylene) impeller with a bearing/seal assembly linked to an external mixer drive.
The S.U.B. consists of the following components:
Outer Support Container—with a mixer drive complete with control unit and an electrical heater or water jacket.
Process Controls—temperature (not on water jacket) and agitation control are integrated into the S.U.B., but additional pH or dissolved oxygen (DO)
controls must be supplied by the user.
The intended use of the Single-Use Bioreactor is as an animal cell culture bioreactor. The HyClone S.U.B. is not suitable for use as a microbial fermenter.
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