Phenometrics PBR Photobioreactor

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Phenometrics enable scientists to study algae under the same conditions found outdoors in the ponds, but in the much more efficient confines of the laboratory. Each computer-controlled PBR uses breakthrough technology to re-create the environmental conditions such as temperature, light intensity, and CO2. Choose from pre-programmed experiments, or quickly and easily design your own, with the growth variables that are most important to you.

Many researchers use the PBR to set specific parameters to maintain consistency between experiments. Most importantly, the PBR enables reproducibility, a key factor in algae research experiments. The PBR saves time and money while producing better results.

Each PBR is also a measurement instrument, measuring growth rates, pH, and other factors in the algae reactor vessel, which are displayed on the computer monitor in a graph or data display. It is customizable to accommodate various probes and sensors that monitor algae culture and growth metrics.

3000 μ-Einstein LED specially designed lighting system with conical vessel that accurately mimics BOTH raceway or production tube bioreactors (controllable from 0- 3000 in steps of 25 μ-Einsteins.

Fully programmable Diurnal Cycles; you set the length of sunlight day, and also the hour of peak sunlight.

Fully programmable heating and cooling, linkable to the diurnal cycle; you can independently set the hour of peak heating (if different from peak sunlight).

Active cooling and heating, from 5 – 50°C

Algal Command Software provides for complete, simultaneous, integrated control of up to 256 bioreactors from a single computer, with collation of all data. All the reactors are linked together via Ethernet Hub.

CO2 programmable and controlled from Algal Command.

Mixing through active magnetic stirring and/or gas sparging.

Active sparging of up to two gasses

Temperature measurement

True Turbidostatic measurement

Field-configurable, fully autoclavable, low cost durable polycarbonate reactor vessel

The reactor vessel can have as many inlets and outlets as you require

100% (+/- 10%) directly-proportional (by volume) up-scale to pond, raceway, or indoor reactor

pH measured and controlled by Algal Command

Custom-engineered Turbidostatic Pump allows for true turbidistatic operation; fully programmable and computer-controlled.

System contains 4 reactors and pumps with laptop

Culture vessel volume: 700ml

Working volume: 150 – 600ml

Light intensity: Variable up to full ocean sunlight at equator (>3000 mmol photons m-2 s-1) in steps of 25

Temperature control: Active cooling and heating

Culture temperature range: 10 – 50°C

Diurnal + heating and cooling cycles: Fully programmable and independant

Ability to control and measure pH: 0 – 14, may be controlled automaticly using CO2 gas

Mixing: Magnetic stirrer

Gas control: Computerized, CO2 or other as required

Groth rate measurement: Continuous, via turbidistat

Sterilization: Entire reactor vessel assembly, including culture medium, may be autoclaved on the “Liquid” cycle

Turbidistatic pump: True turbidistatic operation, fully programmable from groth fase

Dimensions (HxWxD): 482 x 241 x 318 mm

Weight: 7kg

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