Life Technologies iBlot2 Dry Blotting System

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The iBlot 2 Dry Blotting System was designed to deliver a high degree of convenience. The iBlot 2 Dry Blotting System is a true self-contained, plug-and-play system, with an integrated power supply, pre-packaged ready-to-use transfer stacks. Setup, teardown, and cleanup only takes minutes compared to the much more cumbersome and hands-on steps required for wet-tank transfer. The iBlot 2 Dry Blotting System has a simple touchscreen interface and pre-programmed optimized transfer programs, with the option to customize programs to suit your needs.

In addition to ease of use and convenience, the iBlot 2 Dry Blotting System offers high-efficiency protein transfers for high downstream detection sensitivity—in many cases, higher than wet and semi-dry transfer methods. In the end, it helps you achieve more accurate detection using less sample. Transfer proteins in 7 minutes and move on quickly to the rest of your western blot processing.

The iBlot 2 Dry Blotting System is designed to work with multiple polyacrylamide gel sizes, including the midi size (8 x 13 cm), E-PAGE 48 and 96 gels (13.5 x 10.8 cm), and mini gels (8 x 8 cm). The system is also compatible with all protein gel chemistries (tris-gylcine, bis-tris, tris-acetate, and tricine).

Capacity: 1 – 2 mini, or 1 midi, or 1 E-PAGE gel

Compatibility: 1.0 – 1.5 mm thick gels

Transfer time: 6 – 10 min

Transfer buffer: No buffer required

Programs: Pre-programmed with six methods for transfer of proteins from various gel types or create custom programs

Power supply: Internal (no additional power supply needed)

Dimensions: 370 x 200 x 110 mm

Weight: 2.3 kg

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Weight 2,3 kg

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