Bio-Rad Wide Mini-Sub Cell GT Electrophoresis Cell

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The redesigned wide Mini-Sub Cell GT Electrophoresis Cell offers updated features that make electrophoresis even easier. The wide Mini-Sub Cell GT Cell is suited for multiple-sample, rapid-screening applications. This popular system has a wide platform that can separate 30 samples per comb. The wide Mini-Sub Cell GT Cell is the same width as the Sub-Cell GT Cell, so the comb holder, combs, and 15 x 10 cm gel trays are interchangeable with the larger Sub-Cell GT units.


All wide Mini-Sub Cell GT Systems accommodate ReadyAgarose Precast Gels to save time and allow highly reproducible separations. The cells include a buffer tank, a safety lid with cables, and a leveling bubble.


Cell size (WxLxH): 178 x 255 x 68 mm

Gel tray sizes (WxL): 150 x 70 mm

ReadyAgarose gels accommodated: Yes, wide mini and 96 Plus formats

Sample throughput: 10 – 60

Base buffer volume: ~650 ml

Buffer recirculation: No

Bromophenol blue migration: ~4.5 cm/hr (at 75 V)

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