Bio-Rad Trans-Blot Electrophoresis Cell

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The Trans-Blot transfer cell is a versatile apparatus ideal for a wide variety of blotting applications.


Multiple transfers accommodate up to 3 PROTEAN II xi gels, 6 Criterion gels, or 12 Mini-PROTEAN handcast or precast gels

Flexible parameters with variable power settings provide from 30 V for overnight transfers to 200 V for rapid 1 hr experiments

Electrodes can be positioned 8 cm apart for standard blots or 4 cm apart for high-intensity blots


Maximum gel size (WxL): 160 x 200 mm

Buffer requirement: 2.5 L

Gel capacity: 12 mini handcast gels, 12 Mini-PROTEAN precast gels, 6 Criterion precast gels, 3 PROTEAN II xi handcast gels

Dimensions (WxLxH): 180 x 95 x 240 mm

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